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It’s summer time and the perfect time to workout!  We are offering a free consultation and 1/2 workout to help you get started!

My Trainer begins your customized program with a FREE initial consultation (summer time special!) We complete basic paperwork and discuss your workout goals.  Then we can create a workout program specific to your lifestyle and nutrition needs.

Our flexible pricing allows you to choose a workout plan that fits your schedule and budget. There are no setup fees, monthly membership fees or contracts. You simply buy and schedule session time with a trainer as you like. This time is uninterrupted, fully dedicated to you. A certified personal trainer is with you for each session and will teach you proper form and technique. One of our goals is to make exercise fun.

Private Sessions

$60Hour session
$35Half-Hour session

Shared Sessions

$45Hour session
$30Half -Hour session

Get results on every level.